Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick bite at Bridgeport Brewpub

I had a wonderful evening catching up with two of my former coworkers (and coincidentally, two of my favorite people ever). JK and JD are hilarious and always up for a good time. We met at Bridgeport Brewpub for adult libations and some quick appetizers, before JD and I continued on the evening to various other Pearl District eateries. 

We sat at the bar upstairs and were served by the delightful Casey. 

I didn't look at a menu - JK did the ordering for us. We definitely did not eat health food at Bridgeport. 

First up is the Fresh Baked Pretzels with beer spreads (There were three pretzels, I was slow to pull out my camera). The pretzels were warm, and fluffy on the inside, but chewy on the outside, with just the right amount of salt. They were served with Kingpin honey mustard and a porter cheese spread. Usually I would have been all about the mustard (especially whole grain mustard - just look at it, it looks fantastic), but the porter cheese spread was OUT OF THIS WORLD. It was amazing. It tasted like a delightful blend of beer and cream cheese. I would have never thought of pairing porter with cream cheese, or cream cheese with a pretzel - but it was like a party in my mouth. 

Next up we had a plate of fries. 

Yeah, so, they're french fries *yawn*. But they were actually pretty good. We got them with a side of ketchup and a side of beer cheese sauce. I thought bland fries with bland cheese would be a bland disaster, but the fries were crispy and salty, and the beer cheese sauce was flavorful - it was actually a pretty good combination. 

I worked next door to Bridgeport for over a year and only ate there twice, which is a shame, because I don't think I gave it a good enough chance to become a favorite. If two bar snacks were this good I have high hopes for their actual menu. I'll definitely return for a proper meal. 

If you're a beer drinker, you'll also appreciate that Bridgeport is actually a working brewery, with about one zillion flavors of beer on tap. 

I do have to admit that the food may have tasted better than expected due to the great company I was in. We took a group photo at the end of the night to commemorate the occasion, and JK, being the usual prankster, photo-bombed his own picture. 

We had Fresh Baked Pretzels with beer spread - $7.00, fries with beer cheese sauce - $ unknown (I can't find this on a menu.)

If you'd like to check out Bridgeport Brewpub, you can find them online at They're located at 1313 NW Marshall Street in Portland and are open Tuesday - Thursday from 11:30am - 11:00pm, Friday & Saturday from 11:30am - 12:00pm and Sunday & Monday from 11:30am - 10:00pm.  Happy Hour is from Tuesday - Friday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

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