Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 2013 Blush Mystery Beauty Box Review

It was like Christmas when my Birchbox and Blush Mystery Beauty Box both arrived on the same day. I hate to play favorites, but the Blush box is definitely my favorite beauty box. 

This month's box was curated by Kimberly Klotz-Kolodziejski, co-founder of Chella skincare. Blush always releases a spoiler so you know at least one of the items in the box before it arrives, this month's spoiler was the Chella Skincare highlighter pencil in Ivory Lace. With such a useful spoiler, I had a feeling this would be a great box. 

Value $18.00 / $15.00
Chella Skin Care Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace (FULL SIZE). I love when beauty boxes include full size products! This highlighter pencil is very creamy and soft and has just the right amount of shimmer. I'm looking forward to trying it. 

Theraplex FT Exfoliating Emollient (FULL SIZE). This peppermint scented lotion is made to bring relief to severely dry hands and feet. It smells very similar to the Amlactin foot lotion in last months Blush box, but has a slew of other, exfoliating ingredients. I've used it twice today on my hands and they feel hydrated, even after a walk in the crisp autumn air earlier today.

Value $0.84
Specific Beauty Night Treatment Complex. UGH! PACKET! But actually, this is one of two random free samples thrown into the box every month, so I'm not too saddened by the packet here. This is a "whitening" product, one designed to even skin tone. There are definitely 3-4 uses in this packet. It promises to improve skin texture, I don't know that my skin needs it's texture evened, but with all the whitening products I've received lately, maybe someone is trying to tell me something. This sample came with a Specific Beauty coupon code for 20% off of a Specific Beauty purchase from, through 10/31/13 with code SPECIFIC. 

Value $5.44 / $3.64
Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer. This is a BB Cream /Tinted Moisturizer in medium. I love BB Creams for days when I'm too lazy to put on makeup. 

Karin Herzog Vitamin H Rich Nourishing Face Cream. This face cream targets dry, dull, aging and damaged skin. My face can never get enough moisture, so I'm looking forward to trying this out. 

Value $11.40
TALIKA Lipocils Expert. This product promises "In less than a month you can achieve beautiful, luscious lashes, safely and quickly." I've been reluctant to try any of the lash growing products, because the side effect of most is a darkening of the iris, and I would much rather my green eyes stay green than have thicker lashes. But according to their website, iris darkening has not been reported with Lipocils Expert, so I'll give it a whirl. 

Value $8.80
Dremu Oil Serum. At $88.00 an ounce, this emu oil is super pricey, and something I never hear anyone raving about. I seem to get some kind of emu oil product every month from my Blush Beauty box (this is the second of the free samples this month). I've yet to try it, reviews are hit and miss. For many people it seems to be a holy grail to plump up skin and moisturize, other people say it did nothing for them. I think it's time I crack open a vial and try it for myself. This sample came with a coupon code for 20% off of Dremu oil at with code DREMU-20. 

Value $38.00

Mirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighting Powder in Glowing Coral (FULL SIZE). The only highlighter I own in powder form is Guerlain Meteorites, the limited edition holiday 2008 version, which is too beautiful to use, so I can't wait to try this. It's very pretty, not too shimmery, and a color that looks like it would be flattering on anyone. 

Value $18.00
Myface Cosmetics Lip Pop Gloss in Hollywood (FULL SIZE). I'm a lip gloss junkie, and I've stopped buying them because I can't seem to use one by the time it goes bad, so I was happy to see this very wearable color in my box. It's a slightly more coral color in person than it is in the photo, and has a subtle shimmer. It's not sticky, and it unscented. 

Value $15.00
Butter London Nail Lacquer in Kerfluffle (FULL SIZE). YAY! I love nail polish and I haven't tried Butter London polish since they changed their caps and formula YEARS ago. 

Here's Kerfluffle on. I don't love it. The formula is pretty awful. It is very thick, and super streaky - but it seems to be wearing well, I've had it on now for 24 hours and there's not a chip in sight.

If you're thinking about signing up for the Blush Beauty Box but are still on the fence and would like a $10.00 coupon off of a standalone box (boxes are $35 for a one time order, or $24 with a recurring subscription) - shoot me an email at kathryna at and I'll send you a coupon code.

This month's box contained a value of $101.12 - less than the value of last months box, but products I'm much more excited about and can't wait to use.

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