Sunday, September 15, 2013

Super quick $3.50 lunch

Earlier this week I was in a hurry to accomplish two things during my lunch hour. 1) walk 8 blocks into Chinatown to feed my friend Morgan's cat, and 2) eat pizza for lunch. All day, all I wanted was pizza, and it didn't help that a couple of my coworkers came back from lunch talking about the delicious pizza they had just eaten.
Before setting out to Chinatown, I walked two blocks in the opposite direction and ended up at Sizzle Pie. If you're looking for a down-homey pizza place with cushy booths and a traditional pizza place kinda atmosphere, then Sizzle Pie is NOT for you. But if you're looking for somewhere to grab a slice that is quintessentially Portland - from the metal music selection on the jukebox, to the employee uniform of excessive tattoos, piercings and facial hair, then this is the place for you. Sizzle Pie is on a corner and has a fabulous wall of windows looking out over the intersection of 10th Ave and Burnside, which affords an excellent view of the tourists pouring in and out of Powell's Books.
This is NOT your grandma's jukebox
Sizzle Pie has a selection of nine pies available by the slice every day. With so much to choose from, committing to a slice can be rough. Fortunately they offer "cuts". A cut is a half of a slice - and is bargain priced at $1.75.
After much deliberation, I ordered a cut of Sons of Huns and a cut of The Ol' Dirty. I then sat down to people watch while the slices were being heated up. I cannot stress how great the people watching is at Sizzle Pie.

On the left we have Sons of Huns - Vodka cream sauce, artichoke hearts, peppadews, smoked mozzarella and almonds. It was a great idea, but the vodka cream sauce was way too rich for me. Thankfully Sizzle Pie offers cuts - and I didn't get a whole slice of this one. On the right is The Ol' Dirty - Tomato base, salami, ricotta, olive oil and pepperoncini. I really liked The Ol' Dirty, if it had been pepperoni instead of salami it might be my new favorite pizza. The pepperoncinis gave just the right amount of vinegary-bite to keep the pizza interesting.
I'll definitely be back at a later time to try more cuts. You can't beat a $3.50 lunch.
I ate - 2 cuts of pizza. $3.50
If you'd like to check out Sizzle Pie for yourself, they're located at 926 W Burnside Street in Portland and are open from 11:00am - 3:00am Sunday through Thursday and 11:00am - 4:00am Friday and Saturday.
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