Monday, December 30, 2013

Sabrosa Barbosa Food Cart

The food carts at 10th & Alder are getting a little more varied. A few places have gone out of business and new genres of food are taking their place. 

The new kid on the block is Sabrosa Barbosa. Everything at the cart is gluten free, and they even offer vegan and vegetarian versions. 

When I saw their shiny red new food cart I knew I had to give them a try. I cam back the next day and their A-board sign definitely helped draw my attention in.

I think their tip jar, while witty and comical, is a little dumb though

Now, on to the important part - the food!

In the 24 hours between when I took a photo of the outside of the cart, and came back to try out their food, their prices increased by .50 cents. Not a huge deal, but I was pretty stoked on a $5.00 lunch option. 

I went for the Chicken Mole over Spanish Rice. ($5.50) 

It looks unexceptional, but it was actually very, very good. The chicken mole is INCREDIBLY spicy - but also incredibly delicious. I love spicy foods, but had to take breaks while eating this. The chicken mole was set atop a very small layer of rice, which was nice and meant that the bowl was mostly meat. 

I'll definitely be returning to try the quesadillas and Pork Green Chile. 

If you'd like to check out Sabrosa Barbosa for yourself, their cart is located at the food cart pod at 10th Avenue and Alder Street in Portland, facing Alder street, directly across from City Target. 

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